K Lube Powder

K Lube Powder

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K Lube is a concentrated powdered lubricant that, when mixed with water, becomes a thick, slippery lubricant, perfect for anal fun!
It's completely inert and non-irritating and contains special preservatives so the finished product stays fresh from the minute it's made up!

Latex condom safe, once water is added to the powder, the fun can begin!

200g/7.05oz makes approx. 20litres/35.19pints (Almost a bathtub full!)

  • Concentrated Powdered Lubricant
  • Mix with water to activate
  • Turns to a thick, slippery, slick lubricant
  • Perfect for anal play and toys
  • Non-Irritating formula
  • Condom safe
  • Stays fresh from the minute its been mixed up!
  • 200g (almost enough for a bathtub full!)

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