Since its founding in 1998, Tantus has been an industry leader in manufacturing quality, body-safe silicone products in a wide variety of beautiful colorways— from shimmering shades of copper and silver, to matte garnet and classic black. Tantus products are made in North America, and utilize the brand's unique formula of 100% medical-grade, body-safe silicone, which is hand-poured to ensure quality. With six distinct feels from extra-firm, super-soft to dual density, and a diverse array of shapes, sizes and functionalities, there are hundreds of options for beginners and experienced users alike. Moreover, when cared for properly, Tantus products are built to last for years. The brand’s tagline, "meeting you where you play," underscores their dedication to seeing every individual as a human, with a mission to bring more pleasure to intimacy through inclusivity, understanding, and thoughtful designs. Founded on the belief in the right to a healthy sex life, Tantus values quality, excellent customer service, and unwavering integrity.



Tantus is committed to bringing superior sexual health care products to the world while making the Tantus experience for both our consumers and our partners easy and enjoyable.


Our values guide our behaviors and must shine through in all our interactions with each other, our vendors, and our partners. Tantus employees are exceptional people who share the following values:
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Passion for customers, partners, and product
  • Open and respectful to others
  • Willingness to take on big challenges, prioritize the deliverables, and execute tasks until completion
  • Accountable for commitments, results, and quality to customers, partners, and employees


    Tantus was founded on the belief that each person has the right to a healthy sex life and that sexual health encompasses many aspects of physical and mental well-being. Tantus was one of those companies who changed an entire industry and believes we must listen to our past to pave our future.

    Tantus believes that a foundation of education will help people live better and happier lives. Tantus believes that our past obligates us to a stewardship for the future of sexual health. Tantus believes that our products and brand should be driven by passion and integrity. Tantus believes that the simple approach is usually the right approach. Tantus believes we can always do better. Tantus believes that with the right people at the right job we can accomplish anything.