First time choosing a lube? Here's a bit of info to help you decide...


Water Based Lube

Tantus recommends water based lubes with our toys but silicone lube can be used on most of our toys just do a spot test See our FAQs.

Cream /Anal Specific Lube

Anal lube is usually a bit thicker for longer-lasting play and for play in a region that's not naturally lubricated.

Hybrid Lube

All-purpose, Tantus toy approved. Silky, slippery, and long-lasting like silicone, but with easy cleanup.

Silicone Lube

Extra slick, normally very thin, and super long-lasting for toy play, masturbation, water play, anal play, and long sessions. Silicone lubes may damage silicone toys. Do a spot test before using.  See our FAQs.

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59 products

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