Tantus' 3-Speed Original Bullet

Tantus' 3-Speed Original Bullet

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Perfect for use in any Tantus vibrator, the Tantus' 3-Speed Original Bullet is waterproof, has three speeds, a push-button controller, and is powered by a replaceable N1 battery. It can also be used on its own, and fits discreetly in a purse, pocket, or glove compartment. The pointed tip provides precise stimulation.

Length 3"
Diameter 5/8"

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Customer Reviews

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the battery: long lasting.
The vibrato: amazing selection for 3 plain Jane speeds. The job is done always :)
The bullet: pointy tip or turn it slightly for less of a Zing.
Slick. Smooth. Nice button feel.

Incredibly well done accouterment.

I cant say enough about such a simple device we all overlook. Bullets are kinda dime a dozen and never great. I see what ppl are saying about the metal tabs bending or breaking but don't change the battery unless you need too(?)... mine hasn't broken but I'll be back buying more if or when it does take a shit. I came back to find out what type of battery it took as I'm reordering now. Amazon's always good for cheap high quality power FYI👌

Stopped working after two uses

This product came bundled with a Perfect Plug Plus. It worked sort of sporadically through a couple of uses, then stopped working entirely. I tried replacing the battery to no avail.

Perfect but keeps breaking

This bullet is perfect for me as I have anorgasmia (either takes forever to achieve an orgasm or none at all)
The vibration isn't too fast and is super quiet.
The main issue I have with it, is one of the metal strips that touch the under part of the cap breaks. I've gone through 2 of them. The batteries are very expensive to power this bullet but it's the only one that I've found to work perfectly for me. I'm hesitant to get another one due to it breaking as well.

Worked well until 3rd battery

This was my first vibe, and was well loved. The battery it came with lasted me roughly a year, and when I went to replace it with a new one, there were little to no issues other than the fact it died WAY quicker, like in a matter of months. Might've been a bad brand though, I'm not blaming that on the vibe.

However, when I went to replace *that* battery, I started to have issues. The little bent piece of metal that stretches the length of the vibe to touch the contact wasn't properly connecting anymore, and I also began to have an incredibly hard time screwing and unscrewing it. (I can assure you it was clean, it wasn't a buildup problem) The treads would very easily miss the cap, so it'd screw on the wrong way, and it was veeery particular to get back on right.

Even with a fresh battery, it still performs as if it is dying due to the limited contact on the inside (I've tried bending it back in place, but that only did so much). I highly recommend tantus's other products (I've had plenty of fun with their dildos, and they've well withstood the test of time) but I'm not sure if the vibe is the way to go on this one.


It worked for approximately 5 minutes. Given my experience and that of many others, it is hard to believe that a company like Tantus who makes a quality product; would jeopardize its reputation with such a shoddy component part. Let's hope that there was a batch that somehow got past the QC people and on the shelves. Hopefully this situation has been addressed and this defect has been remedied.