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Silk Large

Regular price $ 52.00

A toy from the Silk line is the perfect choice for a first dildo. This line will allow you to safely try a new experience and not feel awkward or embarrassed about purchasing an extreme toy. The Silks are available in three sizes and are a sensual delight that glide in perfectly smooth. Beautiful in simplicity, the Silk Large comes in two colors. The Silks are perfectly safe to use as dilators as well.

Harness Compatible: Yes
Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Diameter: 1.5"
Length: 7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Quality toy

If you’re someone who enjoys a thick, rigid, smooth dildo minus the realistic-look then you won’t be disappointed.

Butt Reaming perfection.

Seemingly currently unavailable in the UK, the Silk Large Dildo is worth the wait for it to arrive. This smooth silicone dildo is simply perfect for pleasurable pegging with its flared bare securely anchored in my wife's Strap-On harness.
It has a head diameter slightly larger than the remainder of the shaft which it tapers down to. Plenty of water based lube and gentle insertion provides a wonderful sensation as the head enters followed by the beautifully smooth shaft.
With my wife bucking her hips I am able to enjoy the full 7 inches of this Dildo as she moves in and out.
Whilst we have have larger diameter dildos for that anal dilation challenge this super smooth dildo is perfect for those occasions when all you want is to drift off into a distant haze as the love of your life pleasures you with beautiful sensations from rhythmic in and out movements.
Ideal to slip into your luggage for those romantic weekends away!
Highly recommended.

The pinnacle of sex enhancers.

Like some Other reviews I have read, my first disappointment upon receipt of this item was its size. That was also my last appointment. Having ordered the large, I thought the actual product was a bit small. But then my partner and I put it to use. In a matter of 45 minutes I had four orgasms. Only one ejaculation. But that came with a whole body orgasm that lasted at least five minutes. I highly encourage anyone who takes the plunge; do it with one of these babies. Also try experiment by tapping the flat bottom while Silk is fully inserted. Try different tapping rhythms and techniques. The percussion transmits to the prostate and then, kappow! I seriously doubt you’ll be sorry. (This instruction is for men with healthy prostates). I have spent a small fortune on sex toys, but none has done what Silk did.

Oh What Joy !

This was my very first toy of any kind and now that I own 3 Tantus dildos this is still my favorite. I LOVE the silky smooth texture, length and girth....Love love love the slipperiness inside. I've even worn this as a plug with a tight fitting Speedo swim thong to hold it in place. All the way in and walking around the house and doing everyday things, I find myself giggling and laughing in pure playful innocence of the sensations with every movement. It's funny how I had no self anal play experience before I bought this, so prior experience isn't necessarily necessary. I find myself experiencing a satisfaction from just having this inside me and exploring relaxed bodily movements. I realized too that the idea of "having an orgasm" can become like a ball and chain of expectation, like if you don't have some sort ever ascending mind blowing "event" you have failed in some way. That's all nonsense that keeps you from feeling the pulsational(yes that oughta be a word!) LIFE that you ARE all the time.... I mean literally... LIFE ITSELF is a never ending never beginning orgasm that is so wonderful to behold.... YaY !!!!

Awesome, all awesome

I love Tantus toys. The do exactly what they say on the tin. I have 10 tantus toys. The silk large is amazing. Makes you feel really full.but not uncomfortable. Once you try these toys you won't buy any others. Quality shines.