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Echo Vibrator

Regular price $ 73.00

Echo's phallic head is multiplied all the way down the shaft, for constant g-spot pleasure or to resist against, using the protrusions to exercise your PC muscles.

Vibrator: Single Speed Removable Waterproof Bullet Vibe, Uses 1 x 1.5 NV Type Battery
Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Diameter: 1.55"
Insertable Length: 6.5"


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Everything I was looking for

I am so scared to get toys because of how unregulated the market is. If the toy smells like chemicals, I'm not going to put it in me. I was so nervous and considered many different items when I found Tantus. I love their message on their packaging, prioritizing safety. I love that it's silver over a weird skin color (that's a pet peeve of mine. I want my toys to be pretty!)
I've gotten a rabbit vibrator before, but I wanted a dildo I could ride, and this delivers when paired with the suction cup. It's the perfect size and length and the ridges do absolute wonders. The material works well with lube and water when you wash it.
I originally ordered the soft version, but I'm glad it went out of stock and got replaced with this version. It's the perfect soft firmness I was looking for.

Better than most men

This was one of my first toys and it's still my favourite, though the Magic Wand gives it a run for its money. (The two together are <3!) It's so good that my friend bought one after listening to me rave, and she loves it too. The solidity is what does it for me - not as unyielding as glass but not at all floppy or squishy. The ridges look intimidating but feel amazing to bear down on once you get warmed up; you can actually feel them, as opposed to something smaller like studs, which feel sandpaper-y if you get going fast.

- Purple!
- Firm silicone washes and sterilizes well
- Harness compatible
- Still good as new after 2 decades

- Bullet vibe is hard to remove if you're not careful with the lube. Even after following recommendations, I ended up using needlenose pliers to extract it. Honestly, I prefer it without the vibe (better grip).
- A little thick for anal use on newbies
- Need to remember what lube you're using or have used already - no silicone!
- Can be awkward to pound yourself with; gripping by the base doesn't give the best handhold, especially when lubed up (though it's much better than not having the flared base)

To vibe or not to vibe

I love this toy with the vibe and without. The bumps and ridges get my g spot going and it just keeps going. Why didn't they design penises like this when humans were being designed? It's the perfect size for me.


This toy is absolutely amazing! Bigger then I expected it to be, I’m a smaller women but this toy worked its magic. The protrusions on this toy feel great in and out the water.

Silver bullet doesn't work mucb

I bought this from HUSH and tried the bullet to feel the vibration. Worked at the store, once at home and then wouldn't turn on again. I replaced the battery and it worked like a charm. But once again, only one time and won't turn on again. Otherwise everything is great. What could be the reason for this?