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Severin Super Soft Copper Large Front
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Severin Super Soft Copper Large Bag
Severin Super Soft Copper Medium Front
Severin Super Soft Copper Medium Side
Severin Super Soft Copper Medium Bag
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Severin Soft

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Severin is part of the 100% Ultra-Premium Soft Silicone plug line. Severin comes in three different sizes each designed to make taking larger plugs easy and safe. Severin is a two tiered plug with a long neck; as you gradually relax your anal muscles you achieve greater anal ability.

Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Soft Silicone. The Soft Silicone gives a luxurious texture to make the ride even more amazing.

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Soft Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Severin Soft Small
Max Diameter: 1.5”
Length: 4.4”

Severin Soft Medium
Max Diameter: 2” 
Length: 5”

Severin Soft Large
Max Diameter: 2.25”
Length: 5.5” 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love these!

I now own the medium and large in the soft and while some people don't seem to prefer the soft texture, I think it's absolutely amazing. These have a glossy finish that is super slick when lubed VS some of the more matte toys. Tantus as always designs and makes home-run anal toys. These folks have long ago figured out the psychology and biology of intense Anal sensations.

I like it

So I have been looking at a lot of plugs trying to decide what one to get for a long time. I wanted something bigger than the plug and dildos I currently have. I really like tantus toys a lot so I went with the sevrein soft trio. I started with the medium, the small is kinda tiny, I'm not a beginner. The first thing noticed is it is really soft, squishy and bendy. This made it kinda difficult to insert because I was trying to push it in and it was bending, squishing and not holding shape. I couldn't really feel the first stage at all and before I knew it was in with no pain. The medium is definitely a size up from the largest toy I was using and thought I would need to take it really slow. I think the softness makes it go in easier with out pain but harder to actually line up and get in. You really need to push hard to get it in. I can definitely feel the stretch in a good way. It feels really satisfying putting it in and I think the softness makes it feel good just hanging out with it in. It feels great being lazy lying on the couch, sitting on a chair playing guitar and walking out to get the mail. I would highly recommend the severing soft and can't wait until I'm ready for the large.

Easy wearing

Nice soft easy wearing plug. I often wear it on my daily walk of three miles. I have the large, but would like a larger girth.

100% recommend

This toy (super soft, medium) is excellent! The super soft material is unbelievable. The medium is definitely not a beginner toy but something I got as a way to move in to a larger range. Now I want to buy everything Tantus makes in this stuff! The size and movement between sizes is fantastic. The only thing I would change is that I wish I had bought it a long time ago.

The base:
Honestly, this does not seem like an issue for me at all. I’m not sure if it has changed lately but the base is much wider than the neck. It is super soft so you could presumably fold it up and pusher it further than it should go but that’s what it would take to be any kind of an issue.

The only way I can imagine this would an issue is if I had worked up to a significantly larger size already. But, I believe that would true of any toy at all.

You hit a Home Run with this one! (Severin SS Large)

No issues with the base, and in fact it is one of the best features! comfortable with no digging or chafing. Anyone playing with this level shouldn't panic about something going in anyway... not that we've had that issue except when we wanted to :) It went in, it will come out. Size, texture (smooth), shape, and most of all squishy-firmness are really, really good. Goes in easy, stays put very well, and feels great. We've got several Tantus toys from small-ish up to A-Bomb, Fist-Trainer and Tex, and this is right at the top of the list. Don't mess with the base! :) Compared with the A-bomb which has a base made from much more firm material, this is way more comfortable for sitting, and moving around with.

IF Tantus would make a toy that is the business end of the Fist-Trainer, with a neck the diameter of the Fist-Trainer, and the neck length of the Severin SS Large, in the Super Soft material....... I think I"d be first in line for it.