Dill Pound
Dill Pound
Dill Pound
Dill Pound

Dill Pound

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About the Dill Pound
The Dill Pound is great for self or partner play and is also a harness compatible dildo that’s great for those who love a hard pounding and a feeling of fullness without having their cervix or insides pounded – just the right length.

A high-quality, silicone dildo that plays beautifully and is designed, tested, and completely made in the USA of our pure 100% ultra-premium Silicone.

Why are Planet Dildo toys so inexpensive if they are made of super high-quality material?
Be assured, Planet Dildo toys are made of extremely high-quality material, Tantus Silicone, have been prototyped and tested to play amazing, and are made right here in the USA, Northern Nevada to be exact, and yes, our state flower is Sage Brush!

The toy is brought to you, our customers, at a great price because, being sold only online, we don’t have to use expensive, eye-catching packaging, also known as blingy bling bling. Secondly, you’re not buying Planet Dildos from a reseller or middleman you’re buying it from us, the people who actually make the toys – Eric and Jenn and the rest of Team Tantus. We also, currently make these toys in only two colors and a medium firmness Tantus Silicone which allows us to run multiple toys at a time thus dramatically streamlining our production process and heavily reducing our cost to make Planet Dildos Toys.

So there you have the long and short of it. We take a lot of pride in everything we make and Planet Dildos is no exception. We truly hope you enjoy the toys as much as we do.

Insertable Length: 4.5"

Widest Point: 1.7"

Neck Width: 1.5"

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