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The H-Bomb is an outstanding feeling toy that mimics the shape of a
huge, full-sized fist without the knuckles. This is one of our biggest and most filling plugs made for those seeking a huge thrill. Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Soft silicone, this is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from products they put in their bodies. 

Harness Compatible: Yes
Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Max Head Diameter: 3.7”

Shaft Diameter: 2"

Base Diameter: 3.75“

Length: 9”

Weight: 2 lb 12 oz

Finish: Velvet


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Super Ride

When I first unwrapped this from the box ,my eyes couldn't believe just how big it was. I couldn't wait to get myself ready to see if I could handle this big boy, yes it is big." So if you are into large toys like this ( H- Bomb ) surely will do the trick . The only complaint is it doesn't come with a suction cup which would hold it in place and I wish that were just a little firmer . You have to hold it with both hands , it Wingles around a lot and it is hard to get it started. Over all if you are up for a challen this will do the trick ,, Enjoy!!

More Pleasure Than I Thought Possible

Like many have said, it's a project to get it in. Warmed up with my Tantus 3" before attempting Hbomb's 3.7"

Almost gave up, but then started bearing down hard. I felt myself start to open, while it just kept stretching my hole bit by bit.

I sat down on it hard, while holding the neck firmly in one fist. It hurt, but in a good way, as I could tell it must be close!

The last push when it pops in is like a rocket launcher aimed at my prostate and upper ring!

I kept cumming continuously for 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore!!! Pushing it out hurt in the way that made me use it again after a break.

Lives up to the name

From the beginning I could get the H-Bomb Firm up my ass, but at first it was really tough. I have the Tantus Tex which is “only” ten inches in circumference, and I can pop that in and out relatively easily. However, the H-Bomb at eleven inches in girth is another story. You would think that an inch would not make that much difference, but it does. The first time the H-Bomb pushed in my ass I let out a scream. It took two hands pulling and another scream to eject it. Really, sort of an explosion – hence the name. Despite the pain, I loved the stretch, particularly on the exit. After four months of use, getting it up my ass (and out) is easier, but just as pleasurable. Sometimes I can pull it out with one hand. I recommend you only fuck the H-Bomb after first limbering up your ass lips for ten minutes with a ten inch girth dildo. You may find you need to sit on the H-Bomb to provide the necessary pressure to work it in. Also, beware that once that big 11 inch bulb passes your anus muscles, your rectum will suck in like a bolt being locked in place. It can be a jolt. Once I get the H-Bomb in I like to leave it in for a few minutes and walk about. I find that 5 or 6 “in and outs” with the H-Bomb makes a nice session.


H-Bomb is an explosive rollercoaster of a ride.

The H-Bomb is like the first initial drop while front row of a rollercoaster. Feel the sled move forward. The anxiety as you wait for the inevitable plummet. Sitting, anticipating the drop. A change in pressure, slight hesitation, resistance gives way and the free fall engulfs you as you engulf the H-Bomb in turn.

I personally picked up the H-Bomb because of the size of the bulb at the end and the over all length. I wanted to see how it would feel to push that bulb against my inner hole. I had some trepidation over the shape as I knew it wasn't going to be as gradual of play as I prefer. The shape requires a bit more force to make entry into a hole than other toys of its size require. From what one might expect from a toy with the name H-Bomb, it has an explosive release of that energy once you gain full entry. The exit of this toy takes similar effort. Keep a good grip on it as you may find yourself tossing it across the room upon release.

The surface feels grippy and there are tiny micro craters covering the surface of the toy. When lubed it doesn't feel like it is grabbing and not letting go of the skin as some cheap toys tend to do.

The concerns about the floppy neck are not unfounded. Holding the neck firm with one hand was good enough for me.

I typically don't like that quick transitions just after getting past the largest point. H-Bomb manages provide this tension release in a more pleasurable way than other toys I have used.

My first but not last Tantus toy!

Neck perfect for me, ball is too firm

Despite all the criticism made about the neck on H-bomb, I actually feel this is its best feature. I use the toy with my wife, inserting it for her, so the flexibility of the neck is never an issue. If you have problems with insertion, get a partner to assist you.

For me, the neck is really great. It’s longer and narrower that similar plug toys, but firm enough to allow the ball to be tugged on or pulled out. The neck provides my wife with almost complete relief after insertion (really needed), while giving me the best possible view and access to my wife. This creates more play options, and is nothing short of amazing to look at. Other plug toys, being designed for men and solo use, have big bases that obstruct both physical and visual access to the recipient. That dose not make other toys bad, it just makes H-bomb better in this regard.

So my criticism about H-bomb, and all other Tantus XL toys, is that the silicone is just too firm. This makes the toy unnecessarily challenging to insert or keep in. It also creates sore spots that other toys of similar size just do not produce (SquarePeg Toys, Topped Toys). Both of these -seriously- cut into the length and frequency of sessions. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I’d be if this were different.

Make H-bomb in a softer option. I can see it being best as a dual-density toy with a soft ball while retaining the firm neck. If you had this option, I’d buy at least two. Please notify me immediately when available!