M.K. Tantus Jute Rope - Natural
 M.K. Tantus Jute Rope - Black

M.K. Tantus Jute Bondage Rope

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Jute is one of the two rope materials that is used for traditional Japanese bondage including Shibari and Kinbaku. This rope is very similar to hemp rope, the other traditional Japanese bondage rope material, but has a different tooth and feel. Some riggers consider Jute more flexible.

This rope has a natural durability, strength and overall structure perfect for long-term and suspension use in bondage. There are two lengths to help fit your needs. The M.K. Tantus Jute Bondage Rope is offered in a 30' or 15' length. The rope itself is 6mm diameter, with a well-defined, tight whip finish.

Proudly processed, conditioned and finished by hand in the USA.