Safety Practice

Product Safety Practice

Although all Tantus products are designed and manufactured with great care, we urge our customers to practice sex toy safety as follows:


1. Clean Toys

After and before each use, properly clean, sanitize and dry toys. Use hot soap and water or one of our specially designed products to clean your toys. Because wet toys can grow mold, dry toys with microfiber towels. Dirty toys can spread infection/disease if not properly cleaned between uses. Toys used in the anus and rectum should not be used in the vagina, especially without proper and thorough cleaning.


2. Inspect Toys Before Use

Before each use, inspect toys to ensure that no defects exist such as cracks, chips and tears. Cracks, chips, tears and non-smooth textures can harbor bacteria and cause infection and/or human tissue tears, abrasions and/or other injuries.


3. Battery Operated Toys

Batteries can leak acid ruining your toy and/or can present a hazard when being used on or near intimate body parts. Store and travel with battery operated toys without batteries in the device. Ensure that batteries have not corroded or leaked before operation. Do not use rechargeable batteries.


4. Insertion Toys

When using insertion toys such as dildos, beads and anal plugs ect., please be keenly aware of the size of the toy versus the size and depth of your intimate areas. Although rare, it is possible to overstretch, tear, perforate or otherwise injure intimate areas using sex toys. Use care to select products that are not too large or too small for you or your partner(s). Start off with smaller toys and gradually increase to larger sizes as your experience and knowledge grow.

Warning: insertion toys that do not have stops, rims or retrieval devices can become lodged in the body, and can be difficult to extract without medical assistance. Although rare, it is possible to injure the vagina, anus, rectum, colon and other body parts with the use of insertion toys, particularly with overly vigorous play and/or improperly sized toys. Users assume all risks of injury