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Cone Ripple

Regular price $ 184.00

How many rings can you get? The Cone Ripple is great for those looking for a fulfilling stretch. The progressive ripple texture slows down your journey to the base and makes it a more interesting ride. The Cone Ripple is also designed to be short enough so you don't bottom out and can feel the voluminous width of the toy. 

Made of our own 100% Ultra-Premium Soft Silicone, this is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from products they put in their bodies. 

Harness Compatible: No

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone

Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Tip Diameter: 1.125"

Base Diameter: 5" (15.7" Circumference)

Length: 7.9"

Weight: 4.2lbs



Customer Reviews

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Intense pressure can prevent ejaculation

Wow, what a toy.

This large and demanding toy requires warming up with the inner band trainer large for several minutes, which makes the first two to three rings an easy accomplishment. Intense pressure combined with riding is necessary to surpass rings four and beyond.

Keeping the toy inserted to where it applies sufficient pressure on the prostate can prevent ejaculation, an interesting discovery the first time it happened.

The cone ripple is pure orgasmic bliss. I doubt I'll ever conquer the entire toy, but it'll be a fun journey trying!