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Cush O2 Dual Density Dildo

Regular price $ 73.00

Even More Real Than Real! The graceful curves of the Cush O2 are designed to stimulate the G-spot, and create a crescendo of sensation during use. Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a realistically familiar feel. A Soft outside and a hard muscle core both made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, and Dishwasher Safe.

Diameter: 1.75"
Length: 7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Great product

Works amazing, love the feel. Its such a fin toy, my 1st one and I was so anxious trying to pick the right one. Can't wait to try out others in the future!

Love my cush

Got this dildo on Saturday, it's now Tuesday and I've used it multiple times a day since I got it. The midshaft ridge is amazing for rubbing the gspot, it's the perfect size to fill me up without feeling like I'm getting a cervical exam, and it's just plain pretty (I can't stand skintone sex toys). My lady friend and I tried it out with a strap on harness and, well, I'm glad we had a waterproof blanket. Highly recommend this dildo to anyone who wants just a little extra oomph.

Incredible toy, wish it was made of opaque silicone

I have absolutely LOVED this toy for 3 years. It has exactly the right firmness and give and the shape is divine. But I'm writing this review today to say that sadly I will have to retire it. The transparent silicone has turned yellow with age. It's not appealing to look at anymore, it will never look clean again no matter how well I boil it. This is apparently an inevitable part of the lifecycle of transparent silicone. So, so sad not to be able to use this beautiful dildo anymore. Consider this when purchasing, otherwise it would have 5 stars from me.

New found love

This is my first experience with a dildo that isn't glass, and is much girthier than I had previously tried. The dual density is firm, the material feels really good and doesn't have the give I thought it'd have.
It looks so good, I had to try it soon after I got it in the mail.

It is a little overwhelming at first due to its size, but the texture (with plenty of lube) feels so good, the ridges are amazing. And it came with a little surprise: I don't know if it's just mine, because it's handpoured, or if all of them have it, but mine has this little protuberance that goes unnoticed to the eye at the very tip, and that thing is a divine clit stimulator, for when I'm warming up!
Using for its actual purpose, the toy gives an incredible feeling, and my mind was blown - first, because I could take it, then, because of how intense it feels, girth, ridges, density...
It's more than I hoped for when I got it, and I'm very glad I get to enjoy it more than I anticipated.

Quoting Epiphora: "It’s as if the Cush knows exactly what my vagina wants".
On top of everything else, it is absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love. I can't look at it without wanting it inside.

I wouldn't say it's a starter toy, it is big! But it seems to be one I can trust to last and stand the test of time, with a material that seems to be very high quality and safe, and an unique shape to remain as a favourite despite the industry advances.

Only thing I'd love for it to have is a suction cup.

New Favorite!

I love Tantus products. I LOVE dual density. I have the Flurry, multiple Duchesses (to keep at my partners'), and now this one.

I like to use the Flurry to warm up and then Duchess because she's girthy.

I tried the Cush with my partner for the first time the other night and it was AMAZING!

I wasn't sure I'd like any as well as the Duchess, but now I'm ordering another to keep at my other partner's.

The ridges and texture feels amazing!

I highly recommend this product!