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I do a lot of sex education sessions, especially for kinky groups of both men and women. When I first mention the term "ball stretcher", people unfamiliar with it cringe. In actuality, these toys are not something used for pain or punishment, but pleasure. They surround the loose skin of the man's scrotum and move the testicles lower and away from the body. 

Inevitably the question arises, why would you do that? The answer I give is simple, "it feels good"! By stretching the skin downward, the testicles are put in unfamiliar territory, and as such sensations of them rubbing against the inner thighs is both novel and stimulating. Additionally, since the skin of the scrotum is stretched taught, the many nerve receptors in the skin are pushed to the surface and, in my experience, makes them more sensitive and thus "more fun". For some men this tension also enhances their erections and that is "more fun" as well. 

Another question. I get is, "Will it damage my balls?" 

First understand, if only worn for short periods your balls will be fine. The skin will stretch our some if they are used repeatedly or for long periods, but even that won't do any real damage. Some men even seek to permanently stretch the skin and enjoy using progressively larger and larger ball stretchers. Additionally, as men age, their scrotum become more elastic naturally and for them a longer stretcher is needed to achieve the desired effect. Using two stretchers adds to the length the scrotum is stretched and softer silicone versions work well for "stacking".

A Word Of Caution
Remember, because your balls are pulled away from the body, you are much more likely to get them "in a bind" when sitting or standing so take care. Also, don't forget to remove the stretchers after a while to avoid complications from reduced blood flow to the testicles. Never sleep wearing stretchers. I have a friend who fell asleep wearing a leather one and woke the next morning to swollen balls from a condition called "torsion" where the spermatic cord gets twisted cutting off blood flow to the testicles. Not a good thing, and completely avoidable, so don't let that warning keep you from experiencing the fun.


Ball stretchers have some unexpected effects on partners, too. The distended testicles are lower and more mobile, since they are neatly packaged by the stretchers. When having intercourse this means your balls will be more prone to smack against your partner while thrusting. This can be a real thrill of an added stimulation. 

For women, the feeling of the man's balls smacking against her anus can be a delightful enhancement. For men, during anal intercourse, the added stimulation of balls smacking against the ass is also a pleasurable experience. Depending on the sexual position this stimulation can be as varied as you can imagine. Particularly when having sex in the "doggie style" position, the added stimulation of balls smacking against the clitoris can be a thrill. For men, having your partner’s balls rhythmically smacking your own balls is a bonus. 

Get Creative

Ball stretchers can also be worn under clothing. Wearing them while dressed in briefs will give a much larger bulge as well as feel delightful. Without underwear, the constant friction of the extended balls against the fabric of your pants can be a real turn on.

One more fun trick is to use the ball stretchers to hold a small bullet vibrator against the underside of the scrotum. The vibrator make the whole stretcher respond and I found it a real thrill, with or without a partner.

Ball stretchers are items I consider an indispensable part of my toy box, and the new Tantus Super Soft Silicone Ball Stretcher Kits are "must haves" for CBT enthusiasts, or just for any man who wants to experience something exciting and fun.

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Since the mid-70′s Hardy has been an active in the leather community as a gay activist, author & speaker on aspects of the SM/Leather scene.

He is author of several books including,  Playing with the Family Jewels, Soul of a Second Skin and Playing With Pain as well as a contributor to the Dallas Voice newspaper and Leatherati. Professionally he is marketer and filmmaker. His documentary on the leather lifestyle “LEATHER” has won numerous awards and appeared in festivals around the world, and his latest film, “Out of the Darkness, The Reality of SM” is currently being used by health care professionals around the world.

The current recipient of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Leather Leadership Award, he was also awarded NLAI’s Man Of The Year award in 1999 and in 2007 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association International. Most recently he was honored to be a judge for IML 2013 and ILSb 2013. Hardy currently serves as Co-Chairperson of the board of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance in Washington, DC.  Since April, 1995, he and his boy Patrick have been living together in Dallas with their Feline Mistress, Elvira.

Twitter: @HardyHaberman


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