All too many times we find ourselves looking for simple solutions to make things in our lives easier - especially when it comes to sex!

Things should feel great, be safe, and be simple for us to get to climax. Queue in the Tantus Suction Cup

Some of you may not have even known that we at Tantus sell a suction cup… Oh, but we do! With this simple 1-2-3- guide in How to Use your Tantus Suction Cup, you’ll be able to stick that sweet little ray of sunshine anywhere you please, so that you can stop focusing on the work, and start focusing on the pleasure.


The Suction Cup is completely compatible with any Tantus Vibrator, so we’re going to need these two things before we can start!

Vibrator and suction cup


Once you’ve got your vibrator and suction cup, you’re going to need to find your top destination spot on where you want to put that baby! Now remember, we’re trying to take the work out of the entire process, so you can focus on YOU.

Some top recommended spots would be

  • On the Shower Wall
  • On the Edge of the Tub
  • On the Floor
  • On the Kitchen Counter

Some of us are more adventurous than others, so by all means if outside in the elements is your preferred place to be, go for it! Wherever your favorite place is, just make sure that you can get the right positioning to give yourself the best time you’ve had since Brad Pitt took his shirt off in Fight Club.


Every Tantus Vibrator comes with a removable bullet vibe. This is great, because it gives you the option of:

  • Using a different vibrator
  • Replacing your vibrator if it dies, (as opposed to the whole toy)
  • Using your Tantus Vibrator as a Dildo
  • Lastly, Using the Tantus Suction Cup to PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT IT


Simply stick that bad mammajamma where you want it, press down firmly on the bottom of the Suction Cup to your preferred surface and push that together with your Tantus vibrator and…Voila! You’re all set to get ridin'!


Oh and... You're Welcome! 


  • Tantus Team

    You can use the Suction Cup with any Vibrator-compatible toy because they have a hollow base where the vibe usually sits and the suction cup fits. This means the Zing and B-Bomb would work with the cup, but not the Buck unfortunately.

  • Interested

    Can I use Tantus Buck with the suction cup? You don’t have many images from the base angle…

  • Peyton

    Hi Jason,

    As far as we know, the P-spot may be similar to the G-spot in that it has a different sensation and effect for everyone. Some love any kind of touch, some need firm intentional motion, some don’t receive much sensation at all. This means that, like dildos, there may be a specific design for an ‘anal’ toy, but in the end your choice will be based off of what you need to stimulate yourself the way you like it.

    If you haven’t had much success with the P-spot so far, the Handles you’re considering may not help reach it- even if it happens to be farther back than most men’s. You could try a curved toy, like the Curve or Adam, to try hitting a different spot. These are designed to ‘curve and reach’ for either vaginal or anal use. The Protouch or Prostate Health are obviously specific to the prostate, but are smaller than you previous list.

    Alternatively, you could try a toy like the Leisure which was designed specifically for anal use as it is completely smooth, meant to stroke the sphincter muscles that come together at the anus in a smooth in-out motion.

    You can read more here ( but the gist is, only really high quality silicone lubes. Otherwise, the silicone lube will bond to our toys and create a thin tacky film that you can never remove. If you’re not sure if your lube is high quality or silicone compatible, try a dab on the base or underside of the toy, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off. If it leaves a film or tacky surface, it’s a no-go.

    Pjur, Sliquid, and System Jo all make premium silicone lube and anal lubes that should be compatible with Tantus toys.

    Hope that helps! Check out our Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle’s Blog for more videos and explanations:


    Team Tantus

  • Jason Jones


    Can you advise me on the difference between a dildo for anal use, and a dildo for vaginal use? Taking into consideration the placement of the female G-spot and the male P-spot. Could or should any type of dildo be used for both female and male, anal and vaginal use?

    I have used two dildos before. One too small, and one too big. Although I enjoy using them for sensation of being filled, I feel have had little if any sensations from the P-spot. So far, I have been unable to insert further than 6 ish inches, seems impossible to ever insert further. For this reason, I have been considering the your P-spot dildo. As it is 7 inches it gives me extra length for continue trying to insert deeper. The girth is seems good too, slightly over average adult girth? But not too thick at 1.7" Diameter or 5.338 Circumference.

    Could it be that, although every man has a P-spot, I have very little sensation there and would be better of with something like: the Echo or Goddess handle or the Anaconda?

    That was my first question, which you probably are thinking: How can I answer that one?

    My second question is: Can your silicon dildos be used with silicon lubes? I like silicon lubes because they are more likely to need further application.

    Best regards

    Jason Jones

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