Tantus, Inc., leading manufacturer of eco-friendly, sexual healthcare products is pleased to announce their introduction into the South African market with Luvland Adult Fun Stores.

“South Africa is an emerging market that Tantus has sought after for quite some time. We believe that Luvland is the perfect fit for us in order to bring our products into a socioeconomic environment where we know we can thrive,” said Walter Hinchman Director of Sales & Marketing. 

“We are proud to represent a high caliber brand such as Tantus in South Africa.  Consumers are in need of high quality products, and Tantus is our solution,” exclaimed Patrick Myer, owner of LuvLand Adult Fun Stores.

Susie R. International Sales Account Manager for Tantus had this to add

“I am extremely excited about our partnership with Luvland Adult Fun Stores, their portfolio within the industry speaks volumes about their commitment and desire to move to new heights in an aggressively fast moving industry, and I am personally looking forward to developing and cultivating a long term professional relationship with them.”

To supply your South African Adult location with Tantus products, visit Luvland Adult Fun Store online at or call 0027832550229 

All Tantus Toys are made from Tantus' own unique blend of Ultra-Premium Silicone. The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, heavy metal free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.