Tantus, Inc. announced today that Metis Black, Founder and Chairman at Tantus, Inc., will be renamed as the company’s CEO.

Black will have responsibility for strategic oversight, direction, expansion, and operations of Tantus, while maintaining her active role as a paragon of product innovation and sexual wellness.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to apply and provide my experience and expertise to our most functional areas of operations,” said Black. "The vision for Tantus in 2014 will have a strong emphasis on brand, and further enriching our customer and consumer experience."

“We at Tantus are very excited for the opportunity of having Metis involved in our daily operations, closer than before,” said Dan Morales Controller at Tantus. "Due to her experience, business savvy, and her ability to continue positioning our brand in the market with her intuitive designs, I believe Tantus will thrive in 2014.”

Black will begin her active role as CEO, effective immediately.

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