Tantus Inc., has officially announced that their highly anticipated fashion-forward line of Connoisseur Harnesses will now be available for direct purchase.

Raved by reviewers and connoisseur strap-on enthusiasts alike, the Tantus Connoisseur Harness Line has indubitably set the industry standards for high-quality, functional and fashionable harness design.

“These harnesses have been in the design process for so long that being able to show a finalized product is exciting,” said Jenna Clark, Customer Service Coordinator at Tantus, Inc. “When we previewed them at a recent conference, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Customers can tell when harnesses are designed by people who actually use them – the fit, the materials, and the design are unparalleled. Metis wanted to create these harnesses because she knew there was nothing available like them through distribution channels. I suspect they’ll be a big game-changer.”

Made for optimal comfort and fit, the Tantus Connoisseur Harness Line consists of five opulently designed, high-quality leather harnesses, consisting of profound elements regarding functionality, comfort, and performance.

The Tantus Connoisseur Harnesses are also sold together with an attention grabbing branded hanger. Made from sustainable recycled, renewable bio-based material, Tantus’ hangers align with their green initiative in manufacturing and packaging.

“Our newly branded hangers will help elevate our retail prowess to the end user, creating better brand recognition and perception. It also gives store-owners options in their ability to merchandise, and cross-merchandise Tantus products in the in-store environment,” said Director of Sales & Marketing Walter Hinchman.

You can view the Tantus Connoisseur Harness Line at

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