Fall/Winter 2013 LookBook

Unveiling some of their most astonishing photos yet, Tantus Inc., has officially released their Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook. The Lookbook features gritty and contemporary style street-wear modeled with some of Tantus’ newly released products including the Snap Strap, Duke, and Pelt by professional apparel model Brittni Jenae Grider.

“If it’s not made by Tantus, then it’s not really worth my time,” exclaimed Grider. "I was thrilled at the opportunity to model for Tantus, because I absolutely love their products, and believe in their mission.”

Grider, born and raised in the Reno-Tahoe basin, was able to model some of Tantus’ newly released products, surrounded by the local scenery.

“Being able to expand and channel our marketing efforts into creative and unique ways, has helped establish our brand equity by shifting into different market segments, and implementing strategies to capitalize on those specific markets,” said Director of Sales & Marketing Walter Hinchman.

Tantus plans on releasing new Lookbook galleries every season, to better showcase and represent their product line through an inspirational and artistic overview.

Tantus’ Fall/Winter Lookbook is available for viewing now at www.tantusinc.com/look-book

Makeup done by Mandy Shaye Corbett mandyscorbett@gmail.com

Photography done by Kendall Town kinderella14@yahoo.com

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