Tantus, Inc. is proud to introduce the new line of Connoisseur Harnesses that captures both style and functionality, elevating the world of strap-on sex. The Connoisseur Harness line is everything the Tantus brand stands for - high quality, body-safe, and designed by a woman for comfort and performance. Tantus sets the standard for fashionable strap-on sex.

These harnesses are unlike anything else in the market. “Tantus has always been the connoisseur brand of dildos and vibrating dildos; this line of strap-on harnesses is for those customers who know what they want and expect the best. We’re proud to be able to bring to market a harness line”, says Metis Black, President and Founder, “for connoisseurs like me.”

Tantus’ Connoisseur Harnesses feature ultra-premium leather, stylistic themes, and lines that accent the curves of the body. The quality of craftsmanship is amazing in the fine, supple leather, beautiful stylish buckles, and flattering designs that compliment every body shape and make you feel sexy.

The Connoisseur line is everything your customers have grown to expect from Tantus in concept, quality, function - and now fashion. But they won’t stop here. “This is just the beginning of the diversification of the Tantus line,” says CEO Michael Blacksmith, “and fun, sexy style is here to stay.”