The Tantus Panacea, available only as a Limited Edition on the Tantus website, was created as part of Tantus' participation in the 2012 Relay for Life fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Panacea will go to the American Cancer Society. The Panacea is modeled on the classic Tantus Goddess Vibe, with an updated dual-color look. Due to the production process, no two toys are exactly alike. The Panacea is the perfect toy for the serious Tantus collector, those new to adult toys, and anyone who wants to support the fight against cancer.

"Relay for Life is vitally important to the staff here at Tantus," said Jenna Clark, Marketing Manager. "We're a small company, and the employees are a tight-knit group. We know each other's families and histories. We have survivors on staff, and relatives who have been diagnosed. Putting company energy into this initiative fit our core values perfectly. At heart, the staff at Tantus is a family and giving back to the community is a part of who we are." All Tantus Toys are made from Tantus' own unique blend of Ultra-Premium Silicone. The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, heavy metal free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.