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Instead of trying to reinvent a high end, Chinese made, rechargeable, silicone toy, we went back to our roots and decided to own the fact we make the best strap-on toys in the world," said Tantus President and Founder, Metis Black.

Tantus has released five new strap-on dildos in the last quarter of 2011, and they have an aggressive release schedule of new designs mapped out for 2012. Even some of Tantus' most beloved classic toys, such as the VIP, the Echo, the Vamp, the Charmer, have been updated with bigger bases for better strap-on compatibility.

The Tantus brand is synonymous with high quality silicone products. Begun in 1998, Tantus was the first sex toy company to make products of 100% Ultra Premium Silicone and was the first to educate the industry about health concerns, material safety, and focus on the benefits of selling silicone toys.

"We are taking Tantus to the next level," says Marketing Manager Jenna Clark, "coordinating our releases with bloggers for a bigger retail pull and doing video training with our new, innovative WebEx training center to distributor sales teams and store clerks for a better push. The responses from the preview have been overwhelmingly positive. And the new campaign is a fun, playful way to talk about what we do best, in a way that honors our unorthodox perspective as a company. If you’re going to be a dissident, you should claim it proudly."