TANTUS LAUNCHES RUMBLE | The First Ever Featherweight Personal Massager

Tantus Launches Rumble
The First Featherweight Personal Massager

Tantus, Inc. is an industry leading, small company with a big commitment to sexual health and is proud to launch the first-ever featherweight personal massager with heavyweight vibrations. Unlike most other personal massagers, Rumble is accessible to a diverse range of body types as well as abilities. Rumble is simply the best.

For nearly 20 years, Tantus has manufactured the safest, most pleasurable silicone toys possible for a diverse set of needs and body types. Like all of our sexual health products, we believe vibrators should be accessible, user-friendly, and should work for any body. But we couldn’t find a tech savvy vibrator that met our standards.

That's why we've made Rumble, a vibrator to please every body. The Rumble has a simple and smart design with seven different speed controls that are conveniently placed where your thumb rests. Don’t let the simplicity of the Rumble be mistaken for your standard vibrator, The Rumble has a quiet, powerful and rumbly motor which gives it a deep vibration that is so compelling for your personal massager.

"Vibration is an amazing tool to learn our body's responses and to bring pleasure both to ourselves and our partners. We need to stop restricting our reach to specific sexes, genders, and able-ness and start acknowledging the diversity of bodies and sexual desires."
     -Metis Black, Founder

Unlike most other personal massagers, The Rumble is accessible to a diverse range of body types and abilities. The Rumble is so lightweight that anyone can hold its comfortable, ergonomic grip and it is easier to handle than any other vibrator. The Rumble also features three different removable heads made with Tantus’ own formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, making this the most hygienic and customizable vibrator.

"Tantus sets the gold standard for silicone sex toys. Their innovative designs and their dedication to creating products that are not only fun but safe, makes them stand out in a field with a lot of competition."
     -Hardy Haberman, Author, Sex Educator

Vibrators are made to be gender neutral, but they are not all made to be used by all abilities. Tantus has made The Rumble to bring personal pleasure to every body. We’ve acknowledged the diversity of all bodies and all sexual desires and The Rumble is designed to fit those needs.

Tantus, Inc. is a woman founded company that believes that sexual health is an integral component to living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle. Tantus, founded in 1997, was the first company to bring silicone sexual health products to the mainstream market. Tantus has continued to be the leader in silicone sexual health products and they are known for their innovative, diverse, health conscious and eco-friendly products.