TANTUS TINIES | Fresh, Homegrown Silicone

Nearly 20 years after mainstreaming safe, hygienically cleanable, non-toxic sexual health products, industry rebel Tantus Inc. is proud to finally unveil its secret to producing the World's Best Toys.

How do they make their illustrious, unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone?

Answer: They grow it. 

How It Works

Tantus admits that they do much more than just 'make' toys - they cultivate silicone plants and harvest the fresh silicone toys. Fed from ice melt of the Sierra Nevada mountains and locally grown along the Truckee River, the toys flourish with a combination of warm weather, lube fertilizer, and gentle stimulation.

The Tantus Team first painstakingly selects and breeds their own silicone plants, focusing on heirloom and non GMO varieties that produce items more naturally contoured and chemically stable for use in the human body than genetically engineered rubbers and plastics.

Employees follow the toys' lifespan from farm to bedside, making sure the toys are minimally processed and ensuring that customer fantasies come true with the most perfect, safe, and pleasurable items nature can provide. According to staff, the signature hands-on approach of the Tantus farm even benefits its workers.

"I didn't believe it myself at first," says Cassie, a 3-year Tantus employee, "but tending to the plants has changed me. Helping a tiny bud of soft material extend and grow out into a mini or toy, makes me giddy and improves my finger strength. I roll out of bed just for that sweet smell of freshly lubed soil in the morning."

What Are Tinies?

The story for Tantus Tinies is as homegrown as it gets. After accidentally picking a small Uncut prematurely from the silicone plant, the Tantus Team quickly decided that the public needed access to these small wonders. 

"They look delicate but they're quite durable," says Tantus Founder & President Metis Black. "We harvest the Uncut early, before the silicone has a chance to ripen and soften on the outside. The Uncut dildos are amazing toys, and the young minis are no less perfect to cheer up a desk, use for sex positive earrings, you name it."