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With spring comes warmer weather, restless bodies, and new growth – plenty of long, hard growth. Take the Tantus O2 Forest for example: Toys so real, you gotta feel ‘em to believe it. 

The Tantus Dual Density O2 Line is designed to be realistic in form and feel, featuring a Super Soft outer layer and a dense muscular inner core both made from our own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. From colorful Flurry saplings to thick Mikey trunks, there’s an O2 toy sure to please any explorer in our forest. 

All March long, indulge your woodland curiosity and save 20% on Dual Density O2 Toys with code SPRING at checkout. 
Because morning isn’t the only time to enjoy your wood. 

Tantus. Get Sprung.