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Tantus Rumble

Tantus Rumble

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Rumble is the first-ever featherweight personal massager. Rumble is simple: mid-range power, easily held by most anyone, with controls in a logical place and a contact surface that can be removed and cleaned hygienically. Unlike most other personal massagers, Rumble is accessible to a diverse range of body types as well as abilities. 

Rumble features a removable head made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone which makes completely cleaning the contact surface a breeze.

  • Hygienic
  • 7 Speeds
  • Cordless & USB Rechargeable
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grip
  • Easy To Reach Speed Controls

More Information on the Rumble Here


Head Width: 2.4"
Head Height:
Full Length: 8.5"
Weight: 6.6oz


Instruction Booklet


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice and rumbly, but oddly shaped head

I love this vibrator. It's nice and rumbly while also being quiet. However, I have two main issues. One is that the head is sort of squared off, which makes it good if you like a nice wide contact area, but not so good if you are trying to pinpoint pressure on an area. The other issue is that it is incredibly easy to change the settings or turn it off by accident. More raised buttons so it's easier to feel for them, or ones that were harder to trigger, would really help a lot. I think this is well worth the price but I would like to see Tantus' next vibrator address some of these issues.

Good tool in a small package.

I wish it had ONE more gear in it's tool kit; a larger wave length (deeper?) vibration but at a higher strength would be sweet, but for now, does it all, it just takes an extra minute or so.

An Excellent and Ergonomic Toy

This has been a game changer. My hands have sensory issues that are triggered by very specific sensations, and one of them are vibrations. Stuff like pushing a shopping cart or mowing a lawn are sensory hell and can set me off. I was worried that a vibrator would trigger this same response, but the Tantus is perfect! I can comfortably use the low and mid speeds, and in short bursts up to fast, but the first two are more than enough to satisfy. The shape of the handle and the heads range of motion is enough to fit comfortably against my penis, and the slight push-back resistance from tilting it feels amazing. The incredibly easy to clean silicon shield is soft and makes even a germophobe like me feel comfortable. That's what this whole device specializes for, user comfort. It does only have a few hours of charge, so remember to charge it every 2-3 uses, especially if you're into long-term edging or just take a while. I'm also not sure why it doesn't use USB-C charging, but that's just a nitpick, the charger it comes with works just fine. If you're a beginner, overly sensitive, have strain related pains, or just want a nice comfortable personal massager, I can't recommend this product enough.


This is a well designed vibrator that really can satisfy a guy. The angle of the handle, placement of controls, and soft well shaped silicone head make it easy to use comfortable. It is great for couples massage or solo. It is just the right intensity and the various settings work well. It will do things for the balls that you never thought possible and is amazing as you work up the shaft. The setting that goes from low to high intensity does wonders for edging. It is a nice compliment to the magic wand that works well for a powerful deep muscle massage but not so great in my experience for those sensitive places on a guy. It is a relaxing massage for the whole body. My girlfriend also likes it and we massage each other.

The box it comes in is excellent with form fitting foam that is for sure a keeper. It holds a charge well and is easy to clean. The lighted controls work easily and their placement is great.

I have owned other massagers and don't think there is anything like it on the market that is as good that really works for a guy.

As with other Tantus products I have owned, I feel that a lot of effort went into making an excellent product with the satisfaction of the customer in mind.

Really a fun toy

My wife and I loved it. It is great for beginners(her) and intimidate(me). It had very good power she used it on low. She then used it on me with the tantus leisure. I was able to have a hands free orgasm. It was just a nice experience. I really recommend this for couples that are exploring.