M.K. Tantus Hemp Bondage Rope  

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The M.K. Tantus certified 100% organic hemp bondage rope is made in Romania and is processed without pesticides or chemicals. Hemp ropes are valued for their natural strength and resistance, their ability to hold knots, and their softness and natural smell, all of which makes it an ideal fiber for bondage.

The hemp rope is offered in an assortment of colors that can be used for UV/Black Light bondage scenes. The UV process does not harm the rope or make it any less stronger than normal. All dyed ropes are conditioned with a light Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Hypo-Allergenic Hemp Oil.

The M.K. Tantus Hemp Bondage Rope is offered in a 30' or 15' length. The rope itself is approximately 6mm diameter, with a well defined, tight whip finish.

Proudly processed, conditioned and finished by hand in the USA.

M.K. Tantus Exotic Bondage Rope is approximately 6mm in diameter with a well-defined, tight whip finish. All M.K. Tantus Exotic Bondage Rope is proudly processed, conditioned, and finished by hand in the USA.