M.K. Tantus Handspun Hemp Rope - Natural
M.K. Tantus Handspun Hemp Rope - Black

M.K. Tantus Handspun Hemp Bondage Rope

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The Handspun Hemp Bondage Rope is spun, by hand, from certified organic and fair trade hemp fibers from Europe. The way Europeans produce hemp and spin it into yarn creates a very fine, high quality and soft yarn, which is then spun into the rope.

The Handpsun Hemp has a more luxurious feel and is a very soft rope, but with all the key properties of an organic natural fiber hemp rope - strong, durable, long lasting, knots easily and holds knots well. The rope itself is 6mm diameter, with a well defined, tight whip finish.

Proudly processed, conditioned and finished by hand in the USA.