M.K. Tantus Alpaca Rope - Natural

M.K. Tantus Alpaca Bondage Rope

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The M.K. Tantus Alpaca Bondage Rope is more tightly laid but with sensual softness. The fiber in this rope is imported from Peru and is spun from Huacaya and Baby Suri Alpaca fiber, into a soft rope that has a fineness luster.

This rope has a medium twist with a slight crimp. Each four strand is spun to create a braided look, strength and tooth that is durable for a lot of floor work. Suri Alpaca’s are prized for their long, silky fiber hair which helps create a slicker feel. The rope itself is approximately 6mm diameter, with a well defined, tight whip finish.

Proudly processed, conditioned and finished by hand in the USA.

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