Bido Titanium Cane  

$ 139.99

This Bido Titanium Cane is the ultimate in canes. The balanced Titanium Cane features an ergonomic, polished, and solid aircraft aluminum handle for accurate control and ease of play. The Titanium Cane fall is beautifully electro-anodized by hand creating a spectacular rainbow coloration. The Titanium fall resonates upon impact like no other cane creating an extremely unique and amazing experience for both the Top and bottom. This medical grade Titanium won't trap bacteria so once cleaned the cane can be used with multiple partners.

28 inches in length
22 inch fall

Cleaning: The Titanium Cane can be cleaned thoroughly with mild soap, a bleach solution, hot water. Always use a soft cloth and never use an abrasive cleaner or abrasive cleaning pad on the fall as you will remove all of the colors.

Impact play should only be attempted by those who have received proper training and instruction.

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