M.K. Tantus Linen Rope - Natural

M.K. Tantus Linen Bondage Rope

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 M.K. Tantus Pure Linen Bondage Rope is spun from premium grade linen fiber (100% natural plant based flax fiber). This rope is made with three strands tightly twisted for a well defined lay and has a soft, polished feel. Linen rope is similar to hemp rope, as it is tightly twisted but offers a lot of flexibility, strength, density and durability.

This is a good choice of rope for people who may have sensitive skin. The M.K. Tantus Pure Linen Bondage Rope is offered in a 30' or 15' length. The rope itself is approximately 6mm diameter, with a well-defined, tight whip finish.

Proudly processed, conditioned and finished by hand in the USA.

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