A Call For Inclusivity | Lady Syre Rose

October 05, 2018

We have all inherited a legacy of oppression. Deeply rooted in our history, oppression has manifested itself in our psyche. Feelings of being victimized and a need to defend ourselves and our tribe are integral to how we live and interact. And when we form organizations, we can’t help but bring those feelings and that history to the communities we create. I want a sex positive community set up for everyone to succeed- so how do we do that?

How do we begin the process of not dismissing others but validating the experience of those who are disempowered and make sure they are seen, heard, given space, and know that they matter? To break old patterns of exclusion we must change the way we think and talk about inequalities between privileged and marginalized groups.

This is especially true for POC’s, Women, LGBTQ, and People with Disabilities; they are all here in our community.

We have forgotten our legacy of activism as a whole in the Leather community. Don’t be fooled by false beliefs that we have overcome all the obstacles with only a few loose ends to tie up. This is merely an illusion. We benefit from the work of those who have come before us, yet we must not dwell on victory for long. Progression has been made but it’s our responsibility to continue and we have a long way to go.

This is our community and our home. Know that each and every one of you are important and belong here.

Know that you have a voice and are permitted to use that voice. Let me be clear this isn’t about harming, disrespecting, or dehumanizing anyone. It’s about holding each other accountable for our actions and it’s also about holding space for each other at the table.

Despite the challenges I remain hopeful, not just for access but for healing peace

  1. Access and peace for the POC persons in the community that want to get involved and be accepted and not fetishized.
  2. Access and peace for the women who have dealt with misogynistic men all her life.
  3. Access and peace for the LGBTQ persons that are looking for acceptance and inclusivity.
  4. Access and peace for the people with disabilities that want to be a part of the community but find obstacles at every turn.

We are all responsible!

We are also in a great position create the changes. We can stop the current patterns of iniquity by sharing our time, talents and skills to the collective good as a reflection of those we serve.


 © Lady Syre Rose 2018

Lady Syre Rose (LSR) is an activist fighting for the rights of POC’s, Women, LGBTQ and children, and works to help put an end to sex trafficking. These are the things that impact her life on a daily basis. LSR also does volunteer work for shelters in Northern Utah along with food and clothing drives yearly for different organizations. 

Some of LSR’s work in her current community:
  • LSR is the Facilitator and Organizer for the POC and allies Caucus at Rocky Mountain
  • LSR is has been an member of HRC and Equality NV for over a decade & Utah’s for about 4 years
  • LSR has participated in the No Hate Campaigns with her children.