February 14, 2014

Tantus Inc., has officially announced the launch of their new Distributor Directory. Within the directory customers will have the ability to view where they may purchase Tantus products, along with distributor contact information, and their geographic location.

“Our distributors should be our biggest brand advocates. The distributor directory is simply an act of reciprocity and a tool for their customers to view where they can go for reliable product knowledge, product selection, and superb customer service” said CEO Michael Blacksmith.

Tantus’ Distributor Directory will also serve as a tool for tracking brand and sales metrics, giving the ability to view customer interactions from cooperative advertising campaigns.

“What is not measured is not managed. There is always a very weak correlation between advertising, goals, and the desired outcome. Tracking metrics will give us the ability to better manage where we allocate marketing funds, and if those allocated funds are generating the appropriate return” said Walter Hinchman Director of Sales & Marketing.

Tantus’ Distributor Directory is currently live and may be viewed at www.tantusinc.com/directory

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