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Photo of woman with toxic chemicals tattooed on her
Tantus manufactures sexual health care products using their own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.


Silicone is a naturally occurring element in the universe, and by using our own formula of 100% pure silicone, Tantus Toys are:
· Phthalate Free
· Hypoallergenic
· Non-Toxic
· Non-Porous
· Hygienic
· Boilable
· Dishwasher Safe

At Tantus we not only strive to make the highest quality products, but we also strive to foster a community, where we can learn from one another, and share our experiences.

Tantus toys are Phthalate Free

What Are Phthalates?

Phthalates [THAL-ates] are esters of phthalic acid, and are used as plasticizers [to increase flexibility, transparency, and durability] of plastics. Phthalates, specifically DEHP, DINP, and DIDP are widely used in adult toys made of so-called “Jelly.” Phthalates have been inextricably linked to an innumerable amount of severe and long-lasting detrimental health effects such as:

· Breast cancer
· Kidney failure
· Liver failure
· Birth defects
· Endocrine disruption
· Allergies
· Neurotoxic Effects
· And reproductive issues

Chemical compounds in Phthalates may also cause

· Itching
· Burning
· Rash
· and tissue damage

The quick migration of these plasticizers have been linked to several irreversible health issues, and you should be conscious and aware of products that may use these materials.

Tantus Toys are Non-Porous


Porous materials have minute spaces or holes, which create a collection of bacteria, and can ultimately lead to infection. With Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, you never have to worry about bacteria or the cleanliness of our products. Every Tantus Toy is hygienic, easy to clean, and healthy for the body.

Tantus Toys are Non-Toxic

What exactly is toxic about an Adult Toy?

Toxic additives such as Lead, Antimony, Cadmium, and Arsenic all reside in the colorants used for adult products. Tantus has focused upon extirpating these harmful elements and materializing a product that is a healthy for the body and a true industry standard for health conscious consumers.

Sex Toys are not Regulated

When entering an adult store, the majority of consumers are not aware that safety should be a legitimate concern when purchasing a product. Sex toys are made from an abundance of materials, and not all of them are safe to be used with your body.

· The adult toy industry is an unregulated market. Therefore manufacturers have the ability to depict and display any outstanding claims that they may see fit.
· Be conscious and aware of the materials that manufacturers use, and how they label them.
· Toys that are made from Rubber, PVC, Vinyl, or Jelly material will often contain Phthalates.
· Over 50% of adult toys currently on the market contain Phthalates;  cancer inducing chemical compounds, and toxic materials such as Ethylbenzene, Naphthalene, Styrene, Acetaldehyde, Dichloromethane, and Benzene, which can all be found on the EPA’s most hazardous materials list.


Tantus Toys can be trusted

· Tantus toys are quality controlled by a third-party verification body that ensures the quality and safety of our products.  
· Tantus toys are made from the highest quality materials, making them Phthalate free, hygienic, hypoallergenic, nonporous, and nontoxic 
· You may pay more for a Tantus Toy, but with a high price comes high quality, and a toy that can and will last you a lifetime.
· Tantus toys are handcrafted artisan products, that are anatomically targeted and ergonomically engineered to provide and derive maximum satisfaction