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CAPTAIN: Houston, we have a problem. 
Due to successful Foreplay we’re approaching Maximum Pleasure levels in the mainframe.  Something’s gotta give, team, we just can’t keep this pleasure contained.
MISSION CONTROL: Roger that, Captain. We’ll have to go all out. 
Prepare for take-off. This one’s gonna be a doozy.
CAPTAIN: Preparing for take-off. Battery, check. Consent and enthusiasm are plentiful. Hydration levels high. Lube at the ready.
MISSION CONTROL: Launching in 3, 2, 1  -
CAPTAIN: Oh, YES!  Orgasm Achieved!
When it comes to pleasure, leave no "Yes" behind. Reach your Maximum Pleasure levels with toys that help you press, push, thrust, tickle, wiggle, please, tease, and spank your way to ecstasy – even Ultimate Orgasm. 

Buy ANY Toy* &  get a Grab Bag or Limited Edition Item for 15% Off.  You can even combine it with our Maybation Sale for 20% Lube & Solo Toys!
Celebrate May the Masturbation way. 
Tantus. Please Yourself.

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